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Professional Ballroom Dance School in Dubai offers private and group dance classes for adults and children of all levels, wedding dance packages, showcase packages and gift certificates. Dance Studios JLT is a perfect place where you can take ballroom dance lessons as per your convenient timings.

In the last couple of years we all witness rapid development of the city in cultural and educational fields. Dubai International Dance Festival unites various dance schools of Dubai giving the opportunity to show off their talents among students and dance instructors. Proudly our dance studio is always well represented in this festival and other dance events.

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Select a dance school that is right for you

Try it and decide wheather you like it or not. Different dance schools offer different dancing lessons. You should feel good about everything like the format of dancing classes, your teachers, the athmosphere, the other students, timetable matching your busy days, etc.

At Dance Studios JLT we offer adult dance classes both private and group along with dance classes for kids. Moreover, we create possibilities for our students to demonstrate their new skills on real dance floors. Nearly every month there is an event where you can be a star regardless of your age or dancing level. All our instructors are experienced dancers and qualified teachers who will make you feel comfortable while polishing new steps and techniques.

Another thing to consider that we are specialized only on ballroom dancing putting all our efforts in this beautiful kind of sport (we do not offer contemporary or modern dance classes unless it is a part of a show that you've decided to choreograph at our studio).

Ballroom dancing includes a range of latin, european and social dances and there is a lot to learn in each one of them. We promise that with every dancing class you will become a better dancer.

And finally, Dance Studios JLT is an educational institution approved by KHDA. We sincerely believe that dance education is important for everyone as it brings lots of benefits into our life. We also believe that there is no time limit for having your ever first dance class - it's all about determination and following your dreams and goals. A new beginner can be a winner - take your shoes and go into your dance!

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