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Tango dance history

Being originally an Argentine folk dance executed only by men, by the beginning of the 20th century tango dance became one of the most popular salon partner dance due to its incredible expression, artistic originality and charming energetic rhythm. The period of 1930-1950 was the "Golden Age" of tango in the USA and Europe while its popularity was spreading all over the world which contributed to the development of its different styles. Then there were several decades of oblivion, but in the early 80th the interest to tango raised again thanks in large part to the American show Forever Tango, which brought a new wave of popularity. Nowadays a lot of people of different ages attend our dancing school in Dubai in order to learn this somewhat eccentric but magnificent dance and this fact reflects the worldwide trend.

Tango steps and other features

Characteristic features of the dance are emphatically clear rhythm of tango steps, plenty of left turns and promenades, changing directions and contrast between emotional dynamic figures and aloof but expressive poses. The distance between partners is closer while tango dance steps are shorter compared to dynamic dances (still steps should be of medium length with movement starting from the hip). Steps can differ a lot in speed and timing and this adds individuality.

Argentine and Ballroom dancing version among other styles

Volatile nature of this dance allows many interpretations so there is no wonder that over several decades many styles of tango were created. The main of them are Argentine tango and Ballroom style though only Argentine dance includes such varieties as tango Nuevo, tango de Salon and some others. There are also Finnish and Uruguayan style, Vintage and Show tango - some new varieties have appeared recently speaking of its timelessness and popularity.

Still the main styles are Argentine and Ballroom which differ mainly in abrupt movements and head flicks that are peculiar to Ballroom style with its staccato type of music. If you watch tango dance video, you’ll notice that such brisk and abrupt actions are not typical for Argentine style which is somewhat softer and more melodious. But those snaps serve to emphasize emotions like love and hate, desire and fear all through passionate and sensual movements of Ballroom version. Those expressive changes from slow and gliding actions to snatching and striking movements create unique atmosphere and sensual experience of tango.

Tango dance classes in Dubai

If you always wanted to learn to dance the tango, do not hesitate to come to our dance studio in Dubai. We strive to give you the basics of dance, his style of movement and mood, its secrets and clues in order to enable you to combine, to experiment, to fantasize. At the initial stage of this process will also take place, possibly through memorizing blocks. But gradually you will find that the order of the movements do not play a primary role. Much more important is the fact that you trust your body, and at some stage you will find that the body is moving on its own, but you will find that you get the pleasure of movement, at the same time observing yourself admiring glances on the dance floor!


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