What are the differences between types of Waltz dances?

Waltz is one of the most popular ballroom dances. It has various styles: Viennese waltz, English waltz, Argentine waltz and many others.

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Cha-cha-cha or rumba? What is the best dance?

Choose the best dance: rumba or cha-cha-cha. Lear what is rumba dance and cha-cha-cha dance and select the one which will suit you.

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5 reasons to go to Salsa dancing classes

Salsa dancing lessons in Dance Studio Dubai. Learn how to dance salsa and you will meet new friends, become more confident and be always in a good shape.

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Differences of ballroom dancing

It’s easy to learn ballroom dancing, if you know all useful information about this kind of dance. All what you need to do is to find good dancing school, which help you to melt in details, to improve what you are already achieve and, of course, to learn more about ballroom dancing.

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Dancewear solution for you

So before taking dance lessons you should prepare specific clothes and shoes. All dance varieties have their own style not only in technique, but also in dress attributes. If you are going to dancing competitions, don’t ignore specific settlements of the organizing committee.

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Imagine your ideal first wedding dance

If you aren’t confident in your dancing possibilities, take some lessons and you will be at the top of the tree.

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Why To Try Latino Dance Classes Dubai?

It is widely accepted that Latino dances are known to be extremely hot and exciting. Salsa or bachata are danced with passion. If you want to dance as hot and sexy as Latinos, this is an opportunity to try the classes in Dubai dance school.

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Enjoy Kids Dance Lessons in Dubai

It is common that dancing is rather an interesting and useful activity, especially for kids. If you want your child to grow and develop as a beautiful and healthy person, this is a nice opportunity to help. Attending the classes will be a prefect s...

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