For Kids

Are you a parent looking for the best dance school in Dubai for your child?

If so, you have just found one. We accept children from 5 years old and invite them to join one of the children groups taking regular ballroom dancing classes in our studio.

Learning dancing has always been a part of classical education. An opportunity of getting a proper dance education is a big gift that you can give to your child today. Surely one day he or she will thank you for that.

Ballroom dancing is an amazing discipline that teaches ethics, grace, cooperation in partnership, develops ability to hear the music, generally helps to aim higher. From the early age our students learn such simple things as that a man shall lead and a lady shall follow. We are truly excited to see more and more young ladies and gentlemen in Dubai starting their dance education at our school!

We will need to know more about your child to be able to accommodate him/her better in one of the existing groups.
Even though there is a lot to learn in ballroom dancing on individual basis please consider that it is better to find a permanent dance partner for your child as soon as possible. We might help you in that or you might bring along someone you know. And if you don’t know anyone interested still don’t hesitate to bring your child to our school. The partner will appear in the future.

We recommend for your kid to start with one of the group classes and then in case of beginner we might recommend you to take few private dance lessons for kids as well to keep up with the rest of the group.

When the young couple is settled it is always good to mix group and private dance lessons for ensuring a faster progress in their dancing. You child will be invited to participate in studio’s events, dance contests, festivals and showcases.

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