Wedding Dance in Dubai

Dear Bride and Groom,

We are sincerely happy for you to be married soon! And now it is our duty to make sure that your wedding dance looks gorgeous!

It will be a great entertainment for your guests at the wedding reception and a memorable experience for two of you. Taking wedding dance lessons involves you into supporting each other on the way to success, to self development as a couple, to spending fabulous time together. Not always a loving couple can actually enjoy dancing side by side while such enjoyment is guaranteed in your every wedding dance class. At first your dance instructor will guide you and then you will learn to do it on your own. Our job is to make you feel confident and comfortable on any dance floor as a couple - at your wedding and in your happy every after life as well.

Wedding dance classes in Dubai

Whether you are planning to perform your wedding dance in Dubai or back in your home country we are here to work on it with you step by step. All you need to do is to dedicate some time to it and get started! Get started today!

Every choreography is individually created to suite couple's personality and preferences. There are always a lot of details we consider while putting up the steps together.

We will need to get to know you, your preferences, your timing situation and your ability to learn before recommending you a minimal amount of private dance classes that will ensure the complete success of your dance.

On the First Probation Lesson you will have an opportunity to learn some basic steps that can be possibly used in your first dance and discuss with your dance instructor the details such as the size of the dance floor, your personal preferences, select the song you like, etc. At the end of this sample dance class we will be in the position to recommend a program for you.

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We have been teaching wedding dance lessons in Dubai for the last four years and we've seen many happy couples performing at their weddings. Some of our students shared their beautiful photos & videos.

You can also decide to arrange a special choreography performed by some of your guests. That way the party promises to be even more fun! We will teach your friends how to dance at your wedding and integrate their performance into the overall scenario.

Whatever you choose remember that your wedding dance will be an everlasting impression of your wedding, the symbol of your new beginning, your marriage.

The new couple, embraced in their union of love for all to witness, take their first steps as one.

You have promised face to face, side-by-side and hand-in-hand, all that lies ahead - both joys and adversities.

Your two paths have joined.

Possible First Dances:
Wedding dance classes Dubai





Cha Cha Cha





Viennese Waltz

Paso Doble




Social Rumba

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