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Dancewear solution for you


So before taking dance lessons you should prepare specific clothes and shoes. All dance varieties have their own style not only in technique, but also in dress attributes. If you are going to dancing competitions, don’t ignore specific settlements of the organizing committee. You should wear only properly clothes, which is associated with your dance type. Individual differences are not allowed.

Latina dance

Get ready to bought two types of shoes: on a small stable heel, or any of soft slippers. As with any dance, clothing, first of all, should be comfortable - elastic short pants, the same T-shirt, and skirt of the medium length.

Wedding dance

Engaged couples should be in suitable clothing that does not restrict their movements. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes such as sneakers and ballet shoes. It will be good if you take your shoes in which you want to dance your first wedding dance. Also the better way is to bring photos of wedding dress and suit, because it will help to reconstruct your wedding image. As well pair should take lessons in special skirt, which is imitates a wedding dress.

Belly dance

Well, of course, you should take a jingle belt with coins or beads. All that is under it does not matter, so you can get dressed in the same way as in Latina. The most suitable footwear is ballet shoes, gym shoes, training shoes, socks or bare feet.

Ballroom dancing

On ballroom dancing you stick on classic style. Boys and men wear pants with a crease; girls wear skirts, which do not restrict movement.

 Training uniform for men: a shirt and pants that do not have to embarrass landing in the splits. To hold creases generally make the seam on them about 3 mm from the edge.

For women the top can be anything, but it does not have the freedom of movement and does not have to be a bag. Should not be a bag for the reason that the partner often has to catch your partner, no matter how confused or swept extra thingies. The coolest way is to use sports swimsuit.

Clothes for children

Children's clothing at dance training should be comfortable and practical. Hairstyle girls in the classroom for ballroom dancing should be neat. Don’t use a lot of pins and studs, which can fall out of the hair in the course of training.

If children go to ballroom dancing, they should be dressed beautifully and accurately, even in training. It equips children with accuracy and aesthetic approach to clothing for the future. In the classroom children are not allowed in clothes jeans and shorts, colorful and bright clothes.

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