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Want to master a particular style, or it will be for an event or just for fun? We offer you private dance lessons. At Dance Studios we ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons give you an opportunity to plan your progress where the result depends mostly on your efforts to follow the instruction. First you will be learning steps, then some techniques will be added, then we will add your head and arms style. You will start to understand how the steps can be combined between each other and together we will work on your composition in each dance.

Private adult dance lessons in Dubai

There are no limits in studying dancing. The same step can be performed on a different level of technique and that’s what you should target – be a better dancer. In your private dance classes at Dance Studios JLT your instructor will work individually with you (or with both of you in case of couple) focusing only on your dancing progress.

We will show you your own progress – that is guaranteed. However, we will never ask you to stop progressing. In other words, we will not say "Now that you’ve learned everything let’s just practice it". There is always a way to go and new things to learn. After all it’s all about details and little things that make big difference.

Advantages of taking private dance classes in our studio:

Types of dances