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Combining dance moves from salsa, flamenco, hip hop and merengue with a bit of belly dancing and martial arts, Zumba fitness a heart pumping, calorie-burning workout that will make you feel full of energy!

Zumba dance fitness in Dubai

Visit our fitness zumba dance classes in Dubai and enjoy the party atmosphere. Our zumba fitness workout will help you lose weight, keep fit and get lots of positive emotions. Zumba fitness program combines aerobic and power training with rotation of slow and intensive moves to the beat of groovy music. The moves are so easy, that beginners will feel comfortable since the very first lesson.

Price and schedule of zumba lessons in Dubai

Zumba fitness

There are more than 10 million fans of this fitness program from 110 countries – men and women, children – their number is growing steadily. The idea of this dance complex is originated in 1990s. Its creator is a choreographer and talented fitness trainer Alberto “Beto” Perez. One day, when he came to the studio (he was teaching aerobics), he noticed that he forgot the audio for his lessons and took the first tape that was in his car. And it was groovy Latin American music – salsa, meringue. He improvised during the whole lesson. Despite the fact that that music wasn’t typical for aerobics, his students and Beto himself enjoyed the lesson.

Zumba fitness classes in Dubai

Zumba fitness is a great type of cardio workout which allows you to lose weight, keep fit and shape your body. However, it may look like a dance, zumba fitness is a complex of exercises which stimulate various muscle groups. Numerous repetitions of exercises stress muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory system and improve the overall tone and stamina of your body.

Why to start zumba fitness training today?

Zumba is a great way to lose weight (one hour will let you lose about 600 kcal) and you don’t have to do difficult and boring exercises. It helps to improve your mood, deal with depression and stress. We ensure you that you will forget about bad mood after your first lesson.

Start your day with energizing zumba fitness workout in Dubai. Sign up for our first introduction lesson today.

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