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Want your kid to master a particular style, or it will be for an event or just for fun? We offer private lessons for kids.
At Dance Studios we ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Private dance classes for kids in Dubai

Private dancing classes for kids add a lot more to your child’s dance education than group classes or self-practices. Dance teachers have an opportunity to concentrate only on one dance couple, to see and correct their mistakes, to explain in details some elements of the dance steps. We especially recommend private dance classes for children with permanent dance partners and for children preparing for ballroom dance contests or other performances. This way is quite convenient to plan your children’s progress where the result depends mostly on their efforts to follow the instruction.

Group dance lessons for children are also required for their dance education. At the early age they especially need to feel some competition to have strong motivation for becoming a better dancer. However, in the private lessons there is a good chance to obtain that confidence and get a bigger desire for progress in dancing.

Advantages of taking private ballroom dance lessons for kids in our studio:

You can always view Group Classes Schedule with updated information on dance classes for kids and moms.

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