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Feel the passionate, lively and joyful Cha cha cha spirit at Dance Studios lessons. We ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Cha Cha Cha Dance

Cha Cha Cha is a fun, sexy, flirtatious dance with a playful aggressive energy. It’s a blend of other Latin dances, especially mambo and rumba. The mayor difference between Cha Cha and Mambo/Rumba is a triple step (cha cha cha) that replaces the slow step. Cha cha cha has a cheeky, harum-scarum, joyful character comparing with romantic and dramatic Rumba. If Rumba is an anticipation of love, then cha cha cha is lively emotions, a real passion. This dance has an atmosphere of joy and frankness.

Cha cha cha history

Like so many Latin dances, the cha-cha originates from Cuba. Enrique Jorrin, a Cuban violinist and composer, played danzon in the early 1950s. Jorrin began composing songs that were more appealing to dancers. And after performing new songs, they noticed that dancers had started to improvise a triple step producing the cha cha cha sound. That was the birth of a new dance.

How to dance cha cha cha – for beginners

To start learning this dance you should understand how to count the Cha cha. As a beginner, you can count "rock step, trip step, rock step". After some practicing you will eventually count as 1,2,3 Cha Cha which is three full beats and two half beats. There are three main steps in this dance: the basic step, the side step, and the underarm turn.

Start dancing the Cha cha today! Book your first introduction dance lesson and soon you will be able to enjoy the Cha cha dancing.

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