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Being one of the hottest ballroom dances, the Samba is a symbol of joy and celebration Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro. Give this dance a try and at Dance Studios we ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Samba dance lessons

Samba is a lively, rhythmical and very fun dance of Brazilian origin. It is one of the most popular party dances, characterized by simple forward and backward steps and rhythmic, sensual hip movements. You can see various types of Samba at carnivals in Rio, from Baion to Marcha. To show the true character of Samba, the dancer should dance it playfully and with great passion.

The history of Samba is a history of fusion of African dances from Congo and Angola with Spanish ones, brought to Brazil by the European conquerors. The slave dances, Catarete, Embolada, and Batuque, are the ancestors of the Samba dance. They were considered as sinful dances in Europe because the dancers touched each other while dancing.

Today Samba is the one of the most popular Brazilian dances and one of its variations is included in the Latin ballroom dances.

Samba classes in Dubai

Modern samba is a mixture of expressions, emotions, diversity of figures, vividness and joy. And all of these you can get with Dance Studios in Dubai. Here you will learn how to dance samba with highly qualified professional dance instructors. In our school you will be able to attend individual as well as group lessons.

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