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Have fun on the dance floor with social dances. At our lessons we ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Social Dances

Social dances is one of the categories of ballroom dancing and can be danced with a variety of partners and still be led and followed in a relaxed, easy atmosphere. In Dance Studios JLT you can easily learn how to dance Salsa, Mambo, Disco, Swing, Merengue, Social Rumba and later practice the steps you’ve learned on our weekly Wednesday Practice Sessions ( every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. and complimentary for Dance Studios JLT students).


Salsa is the result of combining many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances, it’s a fusion of Cuban, Puerto Rican and African rhythms. The great thing about Salsa is that just about anyone can learn it. There is a well known saying that is often repeated by ballroom dance instructors – if you can walk, you can dance Salsa. Learning Salsa is also a wonderful way to meet new people and make new friends. At Dance Studios JLT you can learn Salsa on Group and Private Salsa lessons, and then show your skills all around Dubai : in Trader Vics, Malecon , Barasti and many more hot spots of the city.

What to wear ?

We recommend to attend your salsa dance classes in special ballroom or salsa dance shoes – metal shank in the arch will give your feet good support and they are very light-weight and flexible. Slacks and a nice shirt are good for the men, and ladies can either wear nice pants, skirt or a dress. If you choose a skirt or a dress, remember that you will be spinning around and to take the necessary precautions. Whatever you choose, you should be comfortable moving around in it. You will be learning how to move your hips, and seeing them move will help out in the learning process.

How to dance salsa ?

Although Salsa dance has very simple basic movements, it is important to know the rhythm of the dance in order to avoid stepping on your partner’s feet and dance to the bit of the music. All Salsa steps can be danced with the rhythm: Quick-quick-slow, where quick count takes one and slow- two bits of the music. Often you will start dancing Salsa in a closed frame with your partner and he will lead you through 3 points of contact between your arms.
Get inspired by watching Salsa dance videos below :

Types of dances