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Over 20 years of experience
Modern dance school with an effective education program for adults in Dubai.
Professional dance instructors
You will work with professional dancers, winners of multiple dance championships.
Over 2000 happy students
Whether you are a newbie, amateur or a professional dancer, we will help you develop and improve your dance skills!
Flexible program
and personal schedule
We design a special customized program and schedule for every student to achieve their dancing dreams!

Salsa dance in Dubai

Enjoy salsa lessons in Dance Studio Dubai. We offer group as well as individual lessons from top Dubai professionals. Salsa has become one of most popular dances today. You can easily find plenty of socials and salsa parties in every city, wherever you go. The greatest thing is that anyone can learn how to dance salsa. There is a well-known saying — if you can walk, you can master Salsa.

Unique salsa dance philosophy will capture your heart forever

Salsa is a vivid mixture of reggaeton, bachata, merengue and other Latin representatives. It is an international movement that brings together thousands of people all over the world. Ballroom Latin dancing put competition to the cornerstone, but salsa has a different purpose.The main idea is to allow anyone going to a club after a hard working day and kicking up heels for a pleasure. However, if you have the competitive spirit, there are a large number of competitions. Salsa gives so many opportunities for development — you just need to have a desire to grow and our professional instructors will help you with the rest.

Salsa lessons in Dubai - Never late to learn?

This is like love available for all ages. Add to the ballroom lessons regular classes at home and the result will be visible very soon — you’ll become a great dancer. Salsa dance videos will help you much to make a progress! This is really inspiring! It is very sensual and basic steps are very easy for beginners to pick up. And by the way, salsa dancing classes are the easiest way to keep fit. Check out our photos and videos and our students’ reviews. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about our Salsa lessons. Join us today and try out some salsa dancing or give a gift of dance with our Gift Certificate!

Salsa dance courses we offer:

Salsa classes for beginners

This is a group course is designed for absolute first timers.

Our experienced dance instructors will help you learn basic salsa steps and hit the floor! No dancing experience is needed.

Things you will learn:
  • Basic salsa moves and steps to feel confident on the dance floor
  • How to feel the music and rhythm
  • How to lead for men and follow for women
  • Dancing posture, elegance and sensuality in salsa.
Advanced salsa classes

This group course is designed for those who have already mastered the basic steps and different salsa moves, including the difficult ones.

Our professional dance instructors will develop your salsa skills and enrich your own style.

Things you will learn:
  • Advanced arm-styling and partner connection;
  • Improvisation in footwork and partner-work;
  • Advanced turn-pattern combinations and hand tricks;
  • Developed tilts, jumps and finale variations.
Private salsa classes

Our custom-designed individual lessons will let you get the most from dance training. We tailor lessons to suit your needs so that you can progress at your own pace.

This course is a great option if you are worried to join group lesson and want to boost your confidence.

Things you will learn:
  • Foundation of movement;
  • Basic dance figures and steps to feel confident on the dance floor;
  • Musicality and social dance etiquette;
  • How to lead/ follow.

Meet our team of professional dance teachers

Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor
  • Has been competing for over 12 years
  • Certified dance instructor
  • Achieved Bronze Title at the 10 Dances National Ballroom Championship
  • Choreographed over 120 wedding dances
  • Became a state champion in show dance for 2 years in a row
  • Became a vice champion at European Dance Championship (IDO)
  • Was competing in World Dance Council Professional Division in Latin American Program until 2017

Our happy clients

Over 562 choreographed dances
  • Caroline and Philip

    «My partner and I have been going to salsa lessons for almost a year now. We decided to have individual lessons as our schedule is pretty tough and we just had no chance to attend group lessons. We had never danced before, so that was our first dance school experience. And it’s great. Maxim is our instructor and he is super friendly and helpful. The first lessons were quite difficult, we had some problems with getting the rhythm, but Maxim was very patient and explained and taught us very helpful tricks. And after about 10 lessons we were ready to go to salsa parties. So we’d definitely recommend this school to everyone, especially if you’re a complete beginner. »

    Number of lessons: over 30
    Level: zero experience
    Style: Salsa
    Schedule: weekdays, in the morning and in the evening
    Want so
  • Susan

    «I’ve been attending salsa lessons for about a few months. And now I just cant imagine my life without dancing. Janos, my instructor, is a great professional dancer who makes our every lesson a real party. After a few lessons, I was able to perform some basic moves and feel quite confident which is a massive goal for me. As for the studio, it’s very nice, quite spacious with mirror walls and great atmosphere. Once you enter the studio you feel like you’re just visiting your friends. Awesome staff, super friendly atmosphere, reasonable prices. I probably can’t say anything negative, definitely recommend this studio.»

    Number of lessons: 25
    Level:no previous experience
    Style: Salsa
    Schedule: weekdays in the evening
    Want so

Types of Dances

Schedule your salsa dance lesson today and we will be glad to help you connect to music, yourself and others via dance!