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An elegant and glamorous dance, the Quickstep offers speed, body flight, flare and daring tempo. Give Quickstep a try at Dance Studios. We ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Quickstep dance

The Quickstep evolved in the 1920s from a combination of the Foxtrot, The Chase G Chug, Charleston, Shag, Peabody, and One-Step. The dance is English in origin, and was standardized in 1927.This dance gradually evolved into a very dynamic one with a lot of movement on the dance floor, with many advanced patterns including hops, runs, quick steps with a lot of momentum, and rotation. The tempo of Quickstep dance is rather brisk as it was developed to ragtime era jazz music which is fast-paced when compared to other dance music.

How to dance quickstep

Quickstep is a quick version of foxtrot. It requires powerfully flowing and fast moves sprinkled with sincopations. The dancers should be extremely light on their foot, so it should seem that they barely touch the floor. The quickstep tempo is slow-quick-quick. The slow step takes two beats and the quick step takes one beat of music. The basic figures of the dance are quarter turn to right, progressive chasse, forward lock and natural turn.

Learn quickstep in Dubai

Dance Studios Dubai offers quickstep lessons in Dubai. Here you will meet professional dance instructions, new friends with passion to dance. In our school you will able to learn quickstep in fun and friendly atmosphere. Sign for a introduction lesson today!

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