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With quick movements and dramatic style, the Tango has become an increasingly popular dance. Try our tango lessons at Dance Studios. We ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Tango dance

Being originally an Argentine folk dance executed only by men, by the beginning of the 20th century tango dance became one of the most popular salon partner dance due to its incredible expression, artistic originality and charming energetic rhythm. Nowadays a lot of people of different ages attend our dancing school in Dubai in order to learn this somewhat eccentric but magnificent dance and this fact reflects the worldwide trend.

Argentine tango dance lessons

Volatile nature of this dance allows many interpretations so there is no wonder that over several decades many styles of tango were created. The main of them are Argentine tango and Ballroom style though only Argentine dance includes such varieties as tango Nuevo, tango de Salon and some others. If you watch tango dance video, you’ll notice Argentine style is soft and melodious. The moves of the dance emphasize emotions like love and hate, desire and fear. Slow and gliding actions create unique atmosphere and sensual experience of tango.

Tango lessons in Dubai

If you always wanted to learn to dance the tango, do not hesitate to come to our dance studios in Dubai. We strive to give you the basics of dance, its style of movement and mood, its secrets and clues in order to enable you to combine, to experiment, to fantasize.

Discover the world of tango with Dance Studio Dubai today. Sign up for your first introduction lesson.

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