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What are the differences between types of Waltz dances?

Over decades the Waltz rhythms have been heating the imagination of dancers making them invent new moves and figures. The composers create concert and symphonic music for it. And it is almost impossible to find a person who has never danced Waltz: at the wedding, prom night, corporate party and other events. But very few of them, except professionals, know that there are various Waltz types. Let’s talk about its most popular variations.

Viennese Waltz

Probably the most famous type is Viennese Waltz. This is one of the traditional ballroom dances of the nineteenth century. That was the first dance when partners were dancing face to face, pretty close to each other. And it is still danced at the balls. There are annual balls in Vienne.

Light, smooth and sliding moves of partners impress with their elegance. It is usually danced to the Strauss waltz or other music with three count fast tempo. This is a rather fast kind of waltz comparing with other types. The dance is based on the constant turns to the left and to the right and change steps. All moves are produced smoothly and elegantly even at the fast tempo. Classical Viennese Waltz is the most conservative dance which saves dance traditions of Vienne. However, there are two version recognized in the modern ballroom dance. They are International Style and American Style. The last one is characterized with much more freedom — in dance positions as well as syllabus.

English Waltz

This slow type of Waltz was finally developed in Great Britain. Its other name is Boston Waltz. There is no exact information about where it was born. There is an opinion that this type came from Austria and some people think that it has Russian roots. This waltz is rather slow with soft, gliding wavy-like moves. This smooth and romantic waltz requires high technical skills and strong discipline.

Argentine Waltz

This combination of tango and waltz is danced in three quarter time. Most moves are taken from tang. The dance differs from the other types due to the very dynamic and fast moves and its complexity. This a perfect dance for bright couples who want to express their passion and emotions.

In our studio you will be able learn all popular types of Waltz. Dial us for more details.

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