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Standard Ballroom

International Standard Ballroom is the English version of the American Smooth and is a DanceSport category and is a set of partner dances. It is most often used competitively, but many people enjoy dancing this style socially as well, especially in gala events and special occasions.

in the Standard Ballroom dance, men typically wear evening dress (coattails, waistcoats and white bow ties), while women wear gowns. Partners remain in closed position throughout the dance, and movements tend to be elegant and sweeping. The ballroom dances are progressive, moving anti-clockwise round the floor.

Join our Standard Ballroom classes to feel the beauty of this art and express the smoothness you can feel during each step on the dancefloor and how you can float with every sweep just after a few dance lessons. This type of dance style is also perfect for wedding’s first dances and can be combined with other dance styles very easily to create the best dance choreography.

International Standard includes: The Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz.

Standart dances courses we offer:

Standart dances classes for beginners

TThis is a group course is designed for absolute first timers. Our experienced dance instructors will help you learn basic Standart dances steps and hit the floor! No dancing experience needed.

Things you will learn:
  • Basic moves and steps to feel confident on the dance floor
  • How to feel the music and rhythm
  • How to lead for men and follow for women
  • Dancing posture, elegance and sensuality in Standart dances.

Advanced Standart dances classes

This group course is designed for those who have already mastered the basic steps and different salsa moves, including the difficult ones. Our professional dance instructors will develop your dancing skills and enrich your own style.

Things you will learn:
  • Advanced arm-styling and partner connection;
  • Improvisation in footwork and partner-work;
  • Advanced turn-pattern combinations and hand tricks;
  • Developed tilts, jumps and finale variations.

Private Standart dances classes

Our custom-designed individual lessons will let you get the most from dance training. We tailor lessons to suit your needs so that you can progress at your own pace. This course is a great option if you are worried to join group lesson and want to boost your confidence.

Things you will learn:
  • Foundation of movement;
  • Basic dance figures and steps to feel confident on the dance floor;
  • Musicality and social dance etiquette;
  • How to lead/ follow.
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