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Standard Ballroom

International Standard Ballroom is the English version of the American Smooth and is a DanceSport category and is a set of partner dances. It is most often used competitively, but many people enjoy dancing this style socially as well, especially in gala events and special occasions.

in the Standard Ballroom dance, men typically wear evening dress (coattails, waistcoats and white bow ties), while women wear gowns. Partners remain in closed position throughout the dance, and movements tend to be elegant and sweeping. The ballroom dances are progressive, moving anti-clockwise round the floor.

Join our Standard Ballroom classes to feel the beauty of this art and express the smoothness you can feel during each step on the dancefloor and how you can float with every sweep just after a few dance lessons. This type of dance style is also perfect for wedding’s first dances and can be combined with other dance styles very easily to create the best dance choreography.

International Standard includes: The Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz.

Standart dances courses we offer:

Standart dances classes for beginners

TThis is a group course is designed for absolute first timers. Our experienced dance instructors will help you learn basic Standart dances steps and hit the floor! No dancing experience needed.

Things you will learn:
  • Basic moves and steps to feel confident on the dance floor
  • How to feel the music and rhythm
  • How to lead for men and follow for women
  • Dancing posture, elegance and sensuality in Standart dances.

Advanced Standart dances classes

This group course is designed for those who have already mastered the basic steps and different salsa moves, including the difficult ones. Our professional dance instructors will develop your dancing skills and enrich your own style.

Things you will learn:
  • Advanced arm-styling and partner connection;
  • Improvisation in footwork and partner-work;
  • Advanced turn-pattern combinations and hand tricks;
  • Developed tilts, jumps and finale variations.

Private Standart dances classes

Our custom-designed individual lessons will let you get the most from dance training. We tailor lessons to suit your needs so that you can progress at your own pace. This course is a great option if you are worried to join group lesson and want to boost your confidence.

Things you will learn:
  • Foundation of movement;
  • Basic dance figures and steps to feel confident on the dance floor;
  • Musicality and social dance etiquette;
  • How to lead/ follow.

Ballroom Dance Classes at Dance Studios Dubai

We know what you want! You have been searching for “Couples Ballroom Dance Classes Dubai” or “ballroom dance studios near me”, whereby you were exposed to a wonderful world of the most elegant moves, made by exquisite ladies and gents, draped in fabulous attire, dancing around a spotless shiny dance floor. We also know that none of those dance classes appealed to you, because you were looking for something more.

Well, we are here to bedazzle you with the best ballroom dance classes that Dubai has to offer. Our Ballroom dancing does not only provide all of the above, but it also breathes life and feelings into the couples; where our dance movements evoke palpable chemistry between the partners.

It is important to understand the origin and history of ballroom dancing first though. Contemporary ballroom dancing was created in Great Britain in the 18th century. In those time dances were only for affluent people, who had ample time and money both, to devote to this aristocratic hobby. In the early 1900s, the ballroom dance fever began to spread to all walks of society. Hence it became a favorite dance form of all kinds of people, far and wide; and continues to be so. Only in the 20th century, ballroom dancing became a form of competitive dancing as well.

At Dance Studios Dubai we teach you the fine art of Ballroom dancing, where you will learn to make each move with love, and elegance. We guarantee our students with positive energy, an awesome mood, new acquaintances that transform into lifelong friendships; and a lifetime of a healthy lifestyle, and not to forget, having fun while dancing. People are all technically the same. Let us prove it to you. People start looking for a good hobby they enjoy as an exciting pastime, mostly to escape the mundane office routine now and then. Which activity do you think will help you pass a Friday or Saturday night most effectively? Dancing right! Ballroom dancing is a great skill and art form, because of its widely known benefits and appreciation received.

Whether young or old, throughout our lives, people are lucky if they start a “ballroom dancing adventure” at any age, with or without expert coaching. Whether it is individual ballroom dance classes or group classes, we make sure all our students have the time of their lives with the best guidance provided. Ballroom dance lessons are considered to be a terrific pass time for both parents and kids together. If you do share the same interests, imagine the fun you would have together, dancing in our Dance Studios Dubai arena. The icing on the cake is to be able to learn something new as well as to enjoy to your hearts’ content, under the professional supervision of our expert dance instructors.

Why should adults dance ballroom?

Believe it or not, dancing especially ballroom dancing has a name for itself for being an integral part of a modern lifestyle, simply because every single event is accompanied by soulful and energetic rhythmic movements and tunes.

Ballroom dancing classes at Dance Studios Dubai will show you the simplicity and captivating beauty, of the new dance incorporated, way of living.

If you are someone who resonates with adding vivid colors into your life and setting a successful path to achieve it, then you are someone destined to take up our ballroom dance lessons at Dance Studios Dubai.

It is easy to learn ballroom dancing especially if you know all the essential basic information on this dance art.

Once you step into our doors and enroll in our ballroom dance lessons, we will help you to blend in, to enhance what you have already achieved, and of course, there will always be room for more.
— By attending our classes at Dance Studios Dubai, you will be exposed to more than just learning the usual dance steps, positions, and movements; but also, you will master how to be more self-confident, graceful, and how to excel at what you do; all while having a great time.

Ballroom dancing classes can help shape your body beautifully and keep you fit and healthy throughout, while having fun, rather than slogging strenuously, at a gym.

One of the well-known proverbs we go by says, “If you can walk, you can dance”, whether you have some dance experience or even none at all, or even if you have two left feet, we have got you covered.

The classes we offer at Dance Studios Dubai are specially designed to match your needs when it comes to your comfortable pace of learning and skill level.

Our fabulous instructors will help you become a great and confident dancer. No matter what your dancing skill is, with our ballroom dance lessons, you will be able to hit the dance floor with style, in no time at all.

Where ballroom dance is taught the best in Dubai

The International Standard Ballroom is the English version of American Smooth dancing.

This set of partner dancing is most often used competitively but many adults enjoy dancing this style socially as well, especially for special occasions such as gala nights and weddings.

In the standard dances, men typically wear elegant evening dresses such as coattails and white bow ties while women wear stylish evening gowns.

Partners remain in a closed position together throughout the dance and the movements flow out gracefully and elegantly.

Adult ballroom dancing classes are progressive, moving anti-clockwise around the floor.

Join our ballroom dance classes where you will learn to feel the beauty of this art, and express the smoothness with each dance step on the dance floor.

We assure you; you will float with ease with every sweep, just after a few dance lessons.

This type of dance style is perfect for the first dance at your wedding and can be combined seamlessly with other dance forms to create the best dance choreography.

Our international standard ballroom forms include The Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz.

How to choose ballroom lessons for adults

The best way for adults to choose ballroom dancing lessons is to bear in mind what they really want to do in ballroom dancing, which type interests them the most. There are two main forms of Ballroom Dancing, and we have specific programs for both:

The Standard European Ballroom dance consists of 5 dances:

  • Quickstep
  • Slow Waltz
  • Tango
  • Slow Fox
  • The Viennese Waltz.

This form of ballroom dancing requires the dancers to be dressed in the appropriate ballroom attire. Knights should be dressed in a black or dark blue frock coat, wearing a tie, or if you’re feeling fancy, even a bow tie. If a frock coat is not your thing, then even a tuxedo or a vest works fine.

The Latin American Ballroom dance consists of 5 dances:

  • Samba
  • Cha-cha-cha
  • Rumba
  • Paso Doble
  • Jive.

The International Latin Ballroom is the English version of the American Rhythm.

The dance consists of a set of partners dancing to tunes that have a distinct mood and rhythmic interpretation.

Being an overtly sensual dance, ballroom dancing is performed with skimpy costumes for women and tight-fitting ones for men.

The partners are either set close, semi-open, or open from each other. Latin ballroom dancing has more variation compared to standard ballroom dances.

This dance form requires giving the utmost importance to its choreography. The common movements include hip action, athletic, and balletic maneuvers.

From the above dance forms, only Samba and Paso Doble are danced with the most advanced level of movements.

Whereby the ladies dress in short, open, and figure-hugging costumes while the men dress in fitted suits.

How to learn to dance ballroom as an adult from scratch (beginners)

At Dance Studios Dubai, we offer different programs to cater to your learning curve.

We take into account your existing dance skills, the time period you have given yourself to reach a goal, and of course your learning pace.

There are separate programs for beginners and advanced dancers as well as classes offered as group classes or private lessons.

Ballroom Dance Classes for Beginners:

  • This is a group dance course specifically curated for absolute beginners. You will have our proficient dance instructors at your beck and call.
  • They will help and guide you with the basic ballroom dance steps so that you can hit the dance floor in no time.

You will Make Terrific Progress While Learning:

  • The basic dance movements and steps that will help boost your self-confidence on the dance floor
  • Dancing to the mesmerizing music and feeling the rhythm as you get swept away
  • Teaching the men to lead and the women to follow
  • Proper dance postures to ensure that the dance movements can smoothly flow out of your body elegantly and swiftly.

Ballroom Dance Classes for Advanced Dancers:

Advanced ballroom dance course is one of our most popular, designed for those who have already mastered the basic ballroom dance steps, as well as a few of the difficult ones too.

Our seasoned dance instructors will further help develop your skill, enrich your own style, make you comfortable in your form, and master the art of ballroom dancing.

You will Make Superb Progress While Learning:

  • Advanced version of arm-styling and partner coordination
  • Improvisation in the footwork and spins
  • Advanced combinations and hand tricks
  • Smooth graceful tilts, jumps, and finale variation developments.

Private Ballroom Dance Classes:

Private ballroom classes at Dance Studios Dubai are our custom-designed individual lessons that will help you get the most out of our dance lessons.

These are tailor-made classes, designed to match your style, which will help you progress at your own sweet pace. This is an amazing option if you are worried about dancing in front of a group class, a guaranteed confidence booster.

You will Make Fabulous Progress While Learning:

  • A strong foundation of the ballroom dance movements
  • Basic dance figures and steps that will help you feel confident and rock the dance floor
  • How to surprise your friends and family!
  • Proper understanding of music and dance etiquette
  • How to properly lead for men and follow for women

Come join us at Dance Studios Dubai and let us teach you the magnificent art of Ballroom Dancing where you learn to dance with love. We promise you; you won’t regret it. Let us sign you up Now!

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