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Our Team

Dmitriy | Head Coach and International Dance Teacher

Dmitriy says :”I am a dancer and dancing for me is not something I do, it’s something I feel. I dance because it makes me feel free yet connected. I cannot imagine myself without dance. For life, you need water and air, and that’s what dance is for me, it’s what I need”.

Dmitriy started his dancing journey at the age of 13 in Kharkov, in Ukraine. Since then, he danced in several dance clubs and competed in different national and international competitions receiving multiple titles and awards. He became the champion of Ukraine, a 2 times finalist in the European Championship and a semi-finalist in the World Championship in Paris, France. He also got into the top 100 best couples in the world at the Blackpool Dance Festival, in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

Dmitriy is highly trained and had lessons from the best coaches in the world such as; Gaynor Fairweather (England), Mirko Saccani (Italy), Rude Vermi (Netherlands), Yulia Zagoryichenko and Riccardo Cocchi (USA), and many others.

He started his teaching and coaching career at the age of 18. It was when he realized that there is something else which he loves just as much as dancing and that was it. Dmitriy believes that teaching isn’t just a transfer of knowledge but rather an improvement journey which he lives with all his students. He loves to see the change that they experience in their level, skills and even life. He loves to share their awe moments and achievements, He always expresses his excitement when he sees how  his  information is understood, translated and executed differently by each student “I am in constant amazement when I am teaching.” – He says.

As a professional teacher and coach, He also worked with many top couples and he worked in different parts of the world form Turkey, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia and finally in the United Arab Emirates.

Dmitriy’s motto is “Dance with love”.

Irene Zaiats

Irene Zaiats, also called Iryna is a professional 10 dance instructor who has been dancing ballroom dancing for over 18 years.  She began her career in Ukraine and had her first competition when she was 5 years old and after that competition with all its thrilling emotions, the shiny ballroom, the energy of all the dancers around, she realized that dancing was all she wanted to do and she remembers thinking and saying to her mother: «I will dance for the rest of my life.»  Irene, is a champion of Ukraine in the Latin American Program and she has won many international competitions including European Championships.  She started her teaching career at the age of 15 and has worked with both kids and adults.  Irene has landed here from Turkey where she worked for the past 3 years as a dancer and head coach in one of the best ballet theatre in the country and with the best dance crew with dancers who came from different countries and were masters in different dance styles, and that’s how she acquired different skills and learned different styles of dance such as: Modern, Contemporary, Jazz-Funk, Hip-Hop, etc. Irene is the true definition of what we call a universal dancer, but her heart remains with Ballroom dance.

Artem Duiunov

Artem is a professional Latin and Ballroom dance teacher; WDC International adjudicator; and an international competitor dancer. He started dancing when he was a little bit younger than 9 years old in his home city Kharkov in Ukraine but for the past 14 years, he has been traveling the world to dance competitively and he had resided in place where this form of art is at its peak popularity such as Hong Kong and USA. Artem has been personally coached and trained by some of the top teachers and world dance champions such as Klaus Kongsdal, Mirco Saccani, Gaynor Fairweather, Slavik Kryklyvyy, Karina Smirnoff and Ralf Lepehne also William Pino, Caterina Arzenton and Paolo Bosco. Artem has achieved outstanding results throught his professional dance career such as WDSF European Championship top 7th, Cup of Ukraine top 4th, winner of Taiwan Open International Competition Shanghai WBC Cup, Finalist in Professional Latin Shenzhen WDC World Open Cup, Finalist in Hong Kong International Cup.
Artem as a person is very focused, disciplined and very passionate about dance, if not teaching, he is usually found practicing or studying and enriching his knowledge about DanceSport. He may seem quite to some but wait till you see him on the dancefloor.

When asked about what dance means to him, Artem said “it’s the language of the body when the words fail to express”

Alina | Administrator

Alina, originally from Russia, is the glue holding all the pieces of the studio’s operations together and she’s also the superhero behind the camera, creating all the content for Dance Studios social media pages. With her background in dancing, we think this is how she instantly and naturally fitted in the harmony of our studio.

Alina has had several years of international experience in different domains such as sales, administration and teaching street dance styles, until she decided to join us.

We sometimes still see Alina secretly practising and dancing hip hop and other styles before we open the school to our students. Quoting her, Alina says besides her passion to street dance she is now “happy to dive into the world of ballroom dancing”.

Sabrine Abu Sabaa | Manager and Pro-Am Dancer

Sabrine is our manager and she’s also a pro-am dancer, so you will often see her in our studio’s dancefloor practising or participating in DanceSport competitions. Dancing has always been a passion and she was always amazed by Ballroom dance growing up watching the different dance shows until she decided she wanted to learn this art. Her dancing journey only started when she moved to Dubai and met her partner and dance coach Dmitriy. Together they competed in different Pro-Am DanceSport competitions, performed different showcases and took the torch of management of Dance Studios from its previous owners Anita, Yana and Janos.

Sabrine is very passionate about what she does and is always happy to share her own experience being a Pro-Am dancer herself. She feels it’s a pleasure to guide and support all other dancers in all aspects related to this form of art, starting by the management of the studio itself to all inquires related to preparing to the different showcases and competitions, what to dresses to wear, what are the most comfortable dance shoes and which hairstyle would better suit you.

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