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Types of Dances




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Janos Aladic Choreographer

Janos was born in Serbia and started his ballroom education in a small local dance studio at the age of 7. With the growing amount of different achievements in...

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Eva Toth Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor

Eva started her career as a professional dancer at the age of 9 after she had seen beautiful ballroom dancing performance at one of the local TV channels in...

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Our Students Say

  • Amira & Basem Mougharbel
    Amira & Basem Mougharbel

    My “then fiancé” and I came to Dance Studios in October to attend a couple of classes for our first dance that took place in December. We were so excited as we had never taken any dance classes before. Maria was our dance instructor, and she was great! She really was so patient with us the entire time, especially since it took us a while to get the steps correctly during our first few lessons, trust me lol! She was also very friendly, and she made it super fun. The...

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  • Lizzie and Robert Flaws
    Lizzie and Robert Flaws

    “Love Dance Studios Dubai (JLT)! We have been dancing with them for nearly 2 years and all the teachers are fabulous - really patient, great fun and extremely talented. It is great that they have opened their new studio in Downtown Dubai, which is very near to where we live. It is such a good feeling to forget work and all your troubles and just have fun learning a new skill.”

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  • Katia Bischoff
    Katia Bischoff

    “My life has always beeni linked to music and dance. I’ve tried various dance styles before, but one of my biggest dreams was to start ballroom and latin dancing. After I graduated, I finally found the time to try ballroom dancing at Dance Studios JLT. I automatically felt welcome and the whole team created a very warm and friendly atmosphere. My teacher Dusan is not only a great teacher, but a phenomenal dancer himself and it’s really inspiring to learn from someone who is so...

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  • Tanya Engvig
    Tanya Engvig, Competitive Dance Program Student

    “Having been dancing with JLT Dance Studios for a little over 2 years I am extremely comfortable with the professionalism, friendliness and dedication of all the teachers. They are all accomplished dancers themselves who dedicate their lives to dance…..and it shows! Every class, I have 100% of my teachers attention – with a genuine feeling of him wanting to make me the best dancer that I can be – no matter what level I am or what level I am ready for. Janos is not only...

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  • Nathan Jones and Erin Bowen-Jones, Basic Program students

    “I moved to Dubai only a few months before my wedding in 2012 and wanted to surprise my bride by learning to dance. Dance Studios JLT was my partner in this endeavor. The instructors are friendly, professional, and talented. The facilities are great and the environment is fun and encouraging. My wife and I have continued lessons for almost two years after our wedding. Our private lessons have been a wonderful experience that has allowed us to learn a variety of dances and get a little...

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  • Brigitte Chemla
    Brigitte Chemla , Basic Program Student , Winner of Pro/Am American Smooth Challenge at World Masters in Austria , 2013

    ” I have 51 years old and could not even dream that I will ever be able to dance. Since I started learning to dance in Dance Studios JLT I have not only found a new passion in my life but I also found a place with amazing teachers, dedicated professionals and if it was not enough very nice persons. Thank you all for giving me one more reason to be happy to come back home. “

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  • PJ and Nikki Visagie
    PJ and Nikki Visagie

    ”We were looking for a professional dancer to assist with the choreography of the first dance at our wedding – an important part of our special day which we would like to remember forever. Dance Studios JLT was ready and willing to assist from the start and very accommodating to our needs. We would highly recommend Dance Studios JLT to anyone looking for a dance lessons, from beginner to advance students. The staff and instructors have been friendly and helpful from the start and the...

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  • Ekaterina Isakova
    Ekaterina Isakova, Beginner Program Student

    “I like to think that dreams are coming true in Dubai, and dancing studio helped me to start fulfilling one of mine. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by beautiful world of grace and music. And though I realized it takes lots of work to learn to dance, but it as well seemed so much fun. Somehow I did not have a chance to do it when I was a child and than I though it was too late, though here in Dance Studios JLT I have realized it is never too late to do something you enjoy...

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  • Max Shurygin
    Max Shurygin, Beginner Program Student

    ” I love dancing so much! Actually I love music, I think it’s the most important thing in my life. Here, at Dance Studios JLT I realised that you can feel the music every moment, in every part of your body. You can dance the music- that’s great! Besides I met many interesting people. One of them is my teacher Arseniy, after his lessons I think I could be a professional! After just one month I know a lot of specific things about dancing. I also met my partner at DS JLT and I am...

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  • Karen
    Karen, Basic Program Student

    ”Struggling to adapt to Dubai, I was in search for some fun activity until I found out that a new school for dancing was opening soon, I was among the first students who joined and that’s when I met Dance Studios’ team. At first my husband was taking lessons with me. Being as impatient as one can be I never thought I would go far in the program. After all dancing was a rigorous discipline. But thanks to Dance Studios’ instructor’s patience and love of teaching, I...

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What are the differences between types of Waltz dances?

Over decades the Waltz rhythms have been heating the imagination of dancers making them invent new moves and figures. The composers create concert and symphonic music for it. And it is almost...

Cha-cha-cha or rumba? What is the best dance?

Rumba and Cha-cha-cha are both Latin American dances of Cuban origin. Came from the same music and dance, rumba and cha-cha-cha developed their own character and gained popularity all over the world....

5 reasons to go to Salsa dancing classes

Salsa dancing lessons in Dance Studio Dubai. Learn how to dance salsa and you will meet new friends, become more confident and be always in a good shape.

Differences of ballroom dancing

It’s easy to learn ballroom dancing, if you know all useful information about this kind of dance. All what you need to do is to find good dancing school, which help you to melt in details, to improve what you are already achieve and, of course, to learn more about ballroom dancing.

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Latin American Dances Private Lessons For Couples More information

Learn how to dance with Dance Studios in Dubai

Make your first step toward the exciting world of dances or improve your current dancing skills at our lessons. We ensure you the fastest way to learn and progress while keeping the learning progress fun, easy and comfortable.

Welcome to Dance Studios in Dubai!

On this web site you will find a detailed information about our school, amazing talented and professional teachers, photos and videos of ballroom dances performed by students, dates of the events coming soon and much more

Our dance school in Dubai is a great option to choose!

In recent years we can undoubtedly see the rapid development of the city in culture and education. Dubai International Dance Festival combines different dancing schools in Dubai. We give our dancers an opportunity to share their talents with students and dance instructors. Our studio is always well performing its skills in this dance event and other festivals.

In our school you can join adult dance classes both private and group ones along with dancing classes for kids. Also we provide the best practices for the students to demonstrate their new skills in showcases, festivals and international competitions. Almost every semester there is an event hold where you can be a star regardless of level choreography or your age. All instructors are advanced dancers and qualified teachers who will make you feel confident and comfortable while improving the techniques and new steps.

We specialize only in ballroom dancing lessons putting all efforts in this gorgeous kind of sport (we do not give contemporary or modern dancing classes unless it is a part of a show that you have decided to choreograph privately). As we say, nowadays it is easy to find plenty of different dancing classes in Dubai and it is necessary to select the style that mostly suits your personality. Ballroom dancing includes a range of European, Latin and social dances. We have been often asked why we do not teach only salsa. Well, the answer is because we use interrelated method of teaching and demonstrate the importance and influence of human physical characteristics to the possible steps and combinations, not just movements to salsa music. This gives a deeper understanding of the movements in general and allows you to catch the rhythm and structure of any type including salsa. So what we offer is much more than what can be expected.

And lastly, Dance Studios JLT is an educational institution approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority. We believe that dancing education is necessary for everyone. It brings lots of new emotions and experiences into everyday life. Just take your dancing shoes and start enjoying it today! We promise you will become a great dancer with every class regardless of your current level.

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Wedding dance lessons – make your first dance unforgettable

We are one of the first professional dancing schools in Dubai which had started to offer wedding dance classes and has dedicated instructors to choreograph a memorable event for each couple. You can also bring along your bridesmaids and best men if you wish them to participate in the show. We promise to be creative and get everyone involved.

Dubai dance classes – convenient location

Another advantage that students enjoy is our convenient location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers. That way your group classes and private lessons can be attended in different parts of Dubai regardless of which branch you have joined initially.

The studio was designed by an Italian architect where every detail is performed to bring comfort and esthetic values. Our administrators are friendly and professional, instructors are all experienced competitive dancers and teachers are simply the best. Our target is to create proper conditions for our students.

Our Vision

We consider this kind of training as a remedy for the modern society and as a form of art. The studio is the first and the only school in UAE where teachers are still taking part in professional international competitions and are listed in the World Dance Council (WDC) rating list of professionals. There is no Ballroom Dance Sport Federation in the UAE and that is the reason why there are no professional tournaments organized here, so our teachers travel a lot to attend important seminars from their coaches and to represent Serbia in competitions organized by WDC. It is important that our instructors are continuously improving their own skills and upgrading their knowledge because ballroom choreography technique is progressing each year and even changing in some steps.

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Dance competitions and other activities

Also we are proud to say that our students were the first ones to represent UAE in the International Pro/Am competitions including Austrian World Masters 2013, Italian Open Championship 2013, Serbian Open Championships 2014, Crown Cup 2014, Crown Cup Dubai 2015, German Open Championships 2015, World Masters Innsbruck 2015, Crown Cup Dubai 2016, Emerald Ball in Los Angeles 2016, German Open Championships 2016, UAE National Championship 2016, Autumn Moscow Cup 2016, Crown Cup Dubai 2017, Brillante Championship in Singapore 2017, Blackpool Dance Festival 2017.

At Dance Studios Dubai we often hold masterclasses from world famous coaches such as Karina Smirnoff, Michael Malitowski, Joanna Leunis, Justinas Duknauskas.

We regularly host show case parties so that students have a chance to invite their friends and family members to see them performing. Our younger students are often starring at school performances and social clubs for children.

Moreover, we offer private dance classes in Dubai, gift certificates, preparation and participation in show cases, events and competitions.