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Wedding Dance

You only get one first dance, make it special and memorable. In this program, we won’t just create a dance routine for you and teach you its step but at Dance Studios we make it personalized and unique for you as a couple, based on your wedding theme, song you’ve chosen and the story you want to tell your wedding guests and keep as a memory. These lessons won’t just teach you a dance but it will be a fun and interesting experience and such a perfect quality time to share as a couple, and who knows, you might fall in love with this art, never stop learning it and continue embarking together on your dancing journey.

Want to make it more fun and exciting, why not include your bride maids and best men in your dance.

Bride and Groom Wedding Dance Course in Dubai

Dance Studios in Dubai is a professional dance school specialized on teaching ballroom dancing. The school was founded in 2011. For its first anniversary it had proudly encounted 150 enrolled students. Today the number of our students exceeds 1000 talented individuals. Most of them are adults taking private dance classes with us. We offer ballroom dance classes for adults and children. The lessons can be taught individually, in a group or mixed between private and group classes. We welcome all of you who are interested in dancing regardless of age, ability level or any other life circumstances.

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    Useful Tips From Your Wedding Dance choreographer:


    Start working on your wedding dance today.
    Even if your wedding is in many months from now you should start moving ahead with your first dance choreography as soon as possible. You want to seem floating over the dance floor like this is something you do without any effort. You want to show off your beautiful wedding dress from all the angles. You want to greet your guests with a happy smile while performing your first dance. It is a lifetime performance and you both should be ready to do it at your best. It takes a certain number of dance classes along with practice. It takes time to obtain confidence on a dance floor. And the more time you allow yourself for that before the big day the more elegant eventually will be your first dance. The skills you get in our dance school will remain with you for the rest of your life. So, don’t be worried to get them long before your wedding.


    Select a song you both like. Watch the beautiful performances to get the inspiration Waltz, Rumba, Quickstep, Fox Trot, Cha Cha Cha, Jive and get familiar with Dances We Teach If you haven’t selected a song yet your dance instructor can recommend one from our big music library.
    We will guide you all the way and we need your cooperation to achieve the best results.


    Get special ballroom dancing shoes and use them for your wedding dance performance. Proper shoes make a difference in dancing. Usually ballroom dance shoes are matching perfectly wedding outfits and are available in many colors and materials (white, off white, black and white for men, in satin for ladies, etc.) Those magic shoes will also help you to stay relaxed on heels all the way until the end of the celebration.


    Rely on your dance instructor. Communicate to him or her and consider his or her advices. Let us know your personal preferences and feelings about your dance lessons. We sincerely want your wedding dance to be beautiful and need close cooperation with you on that.


    Be ready to dedicate some time to that. Dance classes should be regular just like any other physical exercises.


    It is typical that one of the partners in a couple progress slower than the other in learning dancing. So you must remember to be patient with each other and let only the teacher teach you.


    Consider the size of the dance floor at the venue of your wedding reception. If it is possible do request for a bigger size – after your first dance the guests will be enjoying it anyway.


    Enjoy the process of learning and dancing, enjoy the time you spend together moving towards the same goal. Think of how beautiful will be your performance and how surprised will be your guests.


    Send us some pictures/videos of your first dance after the wedding and of course, come back to dance practices whenever you can. We hope that dancing will remain your hobby for the rest of your marriage life and you will share all the fun of it!!!

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