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Dance Competitions and Showcases

Have you ever watched “Dancing with the Stars” and dreamed to be a “Star” put in a situation to learn ballroom dancing in a short period of time from 0 to a competitive level? If so, your dream is about to come true.

We invite our adult students to perform on big dance floors and try themselves in international dance competitions around the world.

Here is how it works

It is taken for granted that ballroom dancing competition always takes 2-3 full days with a schedule for different categories. Some of our dance instructors compete in “Professionals” while our students compete in “Professional/Amature” dancing as a couple with his/her dance teacher. If you are a couple then you can choose to dance in “Amatures” with other new dancing couples like you or split and dance with your dance instructors in Pro/Am.

There are lots of international dance competitions going on around the world all the time. We select the ones more comfortable to attend from Dubai, the ones better organized and with more chances for our students to get some prizes. But in any case dance competition is always a beautiful event to attend with shows running one after another, is the opportunity to see lots of talented dancers including the best dancers of the world, and finally is a chance to be a part of the show.

We usually announce the coming up competition 2-3 months in advance and open sign up list. Once signed up your dance instructor will lead you all the way: he/she will create a routine for each dance you want to compete with, prepare yourself, discuss and guide you for the selection of dancing costume and of course be there for you with you on a dance floor.

You should not worry about your dancing level, your costume, your looks, etc. You are already much better than so many people out there who are scared to put on dancing shoes. There will be dancers like you on a dance floor and you just need to do your best. And of course “your best” will contribute to support of Dance Studios team.

It is also a way to enjoy a trip together with like minded people and make new friends.

We go as a group of 6 -10 people (good mix of students and dance instructors) to the country hosting a competition.

We do all the arrangements and registration, but you might need to obtain a visa (depending on the country and your passport).

Just follow us on Facebook to get the updates on our next participation in the dance competition or send us your request via Contact us.

Visit Dance Contests to see some videos of our students and dance instructors and read testimonials to get the inspiration.

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