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Argentine Tango Classes at Dance Studios Dubai

Enjoy Argentine Tango in Dance Studio Dubai. We offer group as well as individual lessons from top Dubai professionals. Argentine Tango has become one of most popular dances today. The greatest thing is that anyone can learn how to Argentine Tango. There is a well-known saying — if you can walk, you can master Argentine Tango.

Unique Argentine Tango philosophy will capture your heart forever

Argentine Tango is an international movement that brings together thousands of people all over the world. Ballroom Standart dancing put competition to the cornerstone, but Argentine Tango has a different purpose. The main idea is to allow anyone going to a club after a hard working day and kicking up heels for a pleasure. However, if you have the competitive spirit, there are a large number of competitions. Argentine Tango gives so many opportunities for development — you just need to have a desire to grow and our professional instructors will help you with the rest.

Argentine Tango in Dubai — never late to learn?

This is like love available for all ages. Add to the ballroom lessons regular classes at home and the result will be visible very soon — you’ll become a great dancer. This is really inspiring! It is very sensual and basic steps are very easy for beginners to pick up. And by the way, Argentine Tango classes are the easiest way to keep fit. Join us today and try out some Argentine Tango dancing or give a gift of dance with our Gift Certificate!

Over 20 years of experience

Modern dance school with an effective education program for adults in Dubai.

Professional dance instructors

You will work with professional dancers, winners of multiple dance championships.

Over 2000 happy students

Whether you are a newbie, amateur or a professional dancer, we will help you develop and improve your dance skills!

Flexible program and personal schedule

We design a special customized program and schedule for every student to achieve their dancing dreams!

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    Argentine Tango dance courses we offer:

    Argentine Tango classes for beginners

    This is a group course is designed for absolute first timers.

    Our experienced dance instructors will help you learn basic Argentine Tango moves and hit the floor! No dancing experience is needed.

    Things you will learn:
    • Basic Argentine Tango moves and steps to feel confident on the dance floor
    • How to feel the music and rhythm
    • How to lead for men and follow for women
    • Dancing posture, elegance and sensuality in Argentine Tango.

    Advanced Argentine Tango classes

    This group course is designed for those who have already mastered the basic steps and different Argentine Tango moves, including the difficult ones.

    Our professional dance instructors will develop your Argentine Tango skills and enrich your own style.

    Things you will learn:

    • Advanced arm-styling and partner connection;
    • Improvisation in footwork and partner-work;
    • Advanced turn-pattern combinations and hand tricks;
    • Developed tilts and finale variations.

    Private Argentine Tango classes

    Our custom-designed individual lessons will let you get the most from dance training.

    We tailor lessons to suit your needs so that you can progress at your own pace. This course is a great option if you are worried to join group lesson and want to boost your confidence.

    Things you will learn:
    • Foundation of movement;
    • Basic dance figures and steps to feel confident on the dance floor;
    • Musicality and social dance etiquette;
    • How to lead/follow.

    Argentine Tango is amongst one of the most popular dances in the world today.

    This vibrant form of dance is iconically pictured across the globe for its passion, sensuality, love for music, smooth flawless movements, and simply expressing yourself as one body and soul.

    Here at Dubai Dance Studios, you can feel the palpable energy the moment you walk through our doors, it is as if an electrifying jolt is running down your spine, awakening that inner dancer in you.

    Our Tango Dance lessons are imparted with a flair, a grace, to listen and understand the music, to feel the rhythm flow through your body, and let it become a part of you, leading you to dance with love.

    Argentine Tango is not difficult to learn, once you put your heart and soul into it. We take great pride in watching our students learn to dance Tango with skill and mastery in its purest form.

    It is fascinating to see their progress after each dance session with us. We literally mean it when we say — If you can walk, you can master the art of Argentine Tango!

    When you see us dance the Argentine Tango, you would just want to kick your shoes off, throw caution to the winds and immerse yourself in dancing with us.

    The Argentinian Tango is a personal favorite of many of our diverse students. Being a romantic and soulful dance form, one is bound to fall in love with it over and over again, dancing to every beat, creating a soulful rhythm.

    Why should adults dance tango?

    Argentine Tango is an international dance form that brings together thousands of people all over the world.

    Tango adult is different in comparison to the usual ballroom dances. It is a quintessential couples dance where both the man and woman face each other, with the man gracefully leading the woman around.

    It oozes elegance, passion, intensity, and depth. Tango adult is not about competitive dancing. The Ballroom standard dancing has pushed competition out of the limelight and focused more on the art and love of the dance form itself.

    Then what is Argentine Tango all about? It is solely about immersing yourself in the depths of soulful movements. The idea is to relax your body, mind, and soul, after a hard day’s work, forget all the stresses of daily life and just get into it.

    Ohh! But you might be from the competitive dancing troupe, with the irresistible, unquenchable competitive spirit within you. Not to worry at all. There are still multiple competitions organized for Tango and other dance forms in beautiful Dubai, the wider UAE, and the rest of the world. And the best part is that, we at Dubai Dance Studios would love to prepare you for these competitions.

    It’s all about teamwork, or in this case, pair work. You get to work closely with your partner, learning all their strengths and weaknesses as well as their likes and dislikes. This helps in getting you both in your comfort zone and creates remarkable chemistry while dancing.

    And Yes, let’s not forget that when you learn Argentine Tango, it’s a great way to keep in shape. Forget your tedious, boring gym workouts, and start something fun that you will enjoy tremendously while getting in an enviable shape, and shedding those extra kilos.

    Where Argentinian tango is taught well in Dubai

    This couples dance is ideal for those looking to learn something intimate, exotic, and exciting at the same time. And voila, what better place than our tango dance studio, to take you through this stimulating journey.

    We are the oldest yet modern dance school in the UAE, with over 20 years of experience. Our training programs are professionally designed and have proven to be extremely effective generating fabulous results in the form of producing the most graceful and enchanting dancers.

    Our professionally certified, and highly accomplished team of instructors are the backbone of our Dance Studios in Dubai. Our Dance Instructors hail from different countries in Europe and the Middle East and have received the best training from renowned coaches all over the world. Most of them started dancing at a young age and have pursued their passion throughout. They have won several dance championships in different parts of the world and have been the recipient of multiple industry accolades.

    Dance Studios USP is inherent in the fact that we design a special customized program and schedule for each student, to fit their routine, and match their pace. We are flexible and absolutely focused on our students to fulfill their ultimate dancing aspirations.

    We are experts in multiple dance forms. One of them being our Argentine Tango dance lessons which have sparked interest in dance enthusiasts of all ages.

    We simply love to teach and watch people dance. It brings us extreme happiness and a great sense of satisfaction, when we accompany our students on their nurturing journeys from beginners to experts, it is an absolute dream to watch!

    Our 2000 successful students over the years are a testament to our Love for Dance. Tango dance classes at Dance Studios Dubai are an experience not worth missing out on. We make it all-encompassing, completely engaging, thrilling, yet fun for the couples.

    Our stellar dance instructors ensure that your classes with us are enriched with an exceptional experience, providing an enchanting atmosphere for you and your partner to relish together.

    As you learn Argentine tango, you will notice that it differs from ballroom tango with respect to its spontaneity and improvisation. You dance from within an arm-length proximity to a close embrace, to a more upbeat and energetic pumping music.

    At our Tango dance studio, Argentine Tango takes you into a whole new world, where you become footloose and fancy-free, and completely give yourself up to the Tango rhythm of your instructor.

    We are a safe haven where you can freely express yourself through your dance without worrying about the outside world. Each one of our students is precious to us and we welcome our Dance Studios family to be free-spirited, release their energies, forget their anxieties, and express themselves via their dance moves.

    If you are without a partner, you don’t have to worry, we have you covered. At our Dubai Tango dance studio, we greet you with open arms, where you will be paired up accordingly. It is a great way to meet new people and socialize if you are new to Dubai or just looking to expand your social circle with like-minded friends, with similar interests. We have a fabulous array of students from all over the world.

    When you learn Argentine Tango, it has a vast scope in providing multiple opportunities for development, you just need to have a desire to grow and our capable instructors will help you with the rest.

    Just leave yourself in our hands and we will nurture your love for Argentine Tango to help unleash your ultimate creative potential. Come Dance with Dance Studios Dubai where you truly learn to Dance with Love.

    Join us today and live the fulfilling experience by trying out some Argentine Tango dancing with us. Trust us you will keep on coming back for more!

    And here is the exciting part, you can also gift your loved ones with an enchanting dance experience. Get our personalized Gift Certificate now!

    How to choose Argentine tango lessons for adults?

    The unique Argentine Tango philosophy will capture your heart forever. It is never too late to learn. Like we said, Argentine Tango is for everyone. It is just like how love is for all ages, with no boundaries, no restrictions. It is not difficult to learn. It just happens to you if you put your heart, body, and soul into it. Just feel it, let it revitalize your senses.

    A lot of students from all age groups attend our dancing school in Dubai, just for the love of Tango. It is one of the most magnificent, yet somewhat eccentric genre of dancing that ignites one’s senses to the core.

    At Dance Studios Dubai, we strive to take you to the depths to learn Argentine Tango, starting from the basics, its unconventional style of movement, its mood, its charm, its mysteries, eventually leading you into your fantasy world, at the pace you want.

    There are many factors to consider when you want to learn to dance tango. For starters, you need to relax your muscles, release that tension and loosen up a bit, step outside your comfort zone and give yourself up to the whole new world of fascinating learning. Our instructors do their best to make you feel at ease.

    It is very important to choose instructors that are accomplished and expert in adapting towards each student, with the right personality and attitude. Our team of proficient instructors loves to teach and lead you to heights of self-fulfillment and contentment.

    The flooring at our Tango dance studio at Dubai Dance Studios, are beautiful and spacious to accommodate a good number of dancers, all the while maintaining a proper social distance between other couples.

    All your concerns are taken care of here. You will become a fantastic dancer soon. Our enthusiasm is infectious, our energy is intense. We inspire each other to perform.

    So just come over and let yourself go, give yourself up to the Argentine Tango rhythm at Dance Studios Dubai. Come let’s Dance with Love.

    How to learn to dance the Argentine tango as an adult from scratch (beginners)?

    Dancing the tango for beginners from scratch is going to be a breeze when you have our trained instructors always having your back in teaching you the basics to perfection.

    When you decide to learn Argentine tango in Dubai, all you have to do is to give yourselves up to us. We will design the most comprehensive and flexible, customized learning program for you, ensuring that you have the time of your life, and express yourself freely, while becoming a magnificent Tango dancer.

    We have a group course that is designed for absolute first-timers. You do not need to be a dancer; you are perfect even if you have not made any dance moves in your entire life till now. Our skillful dance instructors will teach you the Argentine Tango moves with patience and persistence.

    You Will Make Terrific Progress While Learning:

    1. Key steps and the basic Argentine Tango moves, to help you feel confident on our dance floor
    2. How to feel the music and the rhythm, how to let it flow through your body and senses, and move to the beat
    3. To teach the men how to lead, the women how to follow, and how to work as a pair in the most magical way
    4. The absolute must being, your dancing posture, the grace, the elegance, the style, the sensuality, and the etiquette in Argentine Tango

    Before you ask, the answer is Yes! We do provide a very similar group class for kids because we would never want our budding dancers to miss out on something as amazing as this.

    Moreover, don’t worry about what to wear while dancing the Argentine Tango. The most important aspect is that you are comfortable moving freely in whatever clothing you choose to be in. We understand the fact that Tango is an art and one does feel like dressing up for it. Feeling fancy? You can always head to “DiSa dancewear”, our online store for professional dancewear where you can select that perfect outfit you desire.

    If you are interested in learning more about our Argentine Tango dance lessons at our Dubai Dance Studios, please do contact us, or even better, book a class and experience the exhilarating vibes first-hand. We promise, you won’t regret the awesome experience you will have with our team.

    Come join us, let’s hit the floor together, let’s Dance with Love.

    Advanced Argentine Tango Classes

    As evident by the name, this group course is designed specifically for those ardent Argentine Tango lovers who have already mastered the basic steps and varied Argentine Tango moves, even the difficult ones.

    Our competent dance instructors will further develop your Argentine Tango skills and help to enrich your style.

    You Will Make Superb Progress While Learning:

    1. Advanced arm-styling and partner connection
    2. Improvisation in footwork and partner-work
    3. Advanced turn-pattern combinations and hand tricks
    4. Developed tilts and finale variations.

    Private Argentine Tango Classes

    Our private one-on-one classes are the best if you are seeking some individual attention. Adult couples tend to prefer our personal classes when it comes to learning the dance in a shorter period or for an important occasion that is coming up.

    Do you have a friend’s wedding or even your Big Day coming up soon?

    Hey now! Need not fret! Our skilled instructors are here to take you under their personal care. We will be guiding you through and preparing you for the big day, while you and your partner bond further, exclusively on our spacious Tango dance studio floors.

    Our custom-designed individual lessons will let you get the most from dance training. We tailor lessons to suit your needs so that you can progress at your own pace. This course is a great option if you are worried to join group lessons and want to boost your confidence.

    You Will Make Fabulous Progress While Learning:

    1. Foundation of movements
    2. Basic dance figures and steps to feel confident on the dance floor
    3. Feeling the music rhythm flow through you, and moving gracefully to it
    4. Social dance etiquette
    5. How to lead and how to follow
    6. Be “The Star” on the Big Day!

    What are you still waiting for! Head over to our Dubai Dance Studios and book your classes now. Learn to dance tango with our Dance Studios Dubai family, come let’s Dance with Love.

    Also, we can to learn tango ballroom at Dance Studios Dubai with us!

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